The Artist Muse

Muse (noun): A source of inspiration
"I wanted to create a live painting through fashion and, of course, my photography", says our Fashion Photography Editor, Geoffrey Chuah of his recent photo editorial for HUF Magazine.

Set in a French restaurant (Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon) in Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW, Chuah's shoot is inspired by the works of French renaissance painters who fixated on beautiful women to stimulate their art.  In attempting to depict the modern "muse", Chuah set out to create a dark, mysterious and alluring character, capable of seducing both the creator and critic.

Image source: HUF Magazine

The Photographer and his Muse: Mario Testino and Kate Moss

A stylish and seductive collaboration between two of the world's greatest influencers of fashion

I guess back when we met I did not realize she would become an icon of the ‘now’ for so many people. All I could see or feel was an attraction to someone a lot younger than me.
— Mario Testino
I have never laughed so much in my whole life as with Mario on shoots. Sometimes we know we have to stop but we just can’t, we can’t even look at each other
— Kate Moss
If you watch your life unfold the things that don’t happen – that make you feel outraged and frustrated – can be as important to your success as the things that go the way you believe they should. That belief has been central to my life and hers. It’s not all been great at every moment but it’s ended up being so great overall that we always say, “never explain, never complain.” Everything happens for a reason.
— Mario Testino