She believed she could... so she did

I am grateful to know an abundance of women who are fierce, loyal, creative, thoughtful, intelligent and downright wonderful. Women who have conquered what would have - at a previous point in the history of our world - been considered the unthinkable for our gender to accomplish. Women who raise their voice to stand up for what they believe in. Women who aren't afraid to give the finger to social conventions and follow their true north. Women who embrace their vulnerability and, in doing so, willingly share their story to help others.

One of these women is my friend Imogen Bailey. Imogen is a beautiful, kind human being. She is also courageous. She puts herself out there - into the 'den of lions' that is our society today - to talk about and raise awareness of the difficult issues, such as the rights of refugees, the welfare of animals and the increasing sexualisation of our younger generations. She speaks her truth, but sadly, in doing so, has had to draw on her inner strength to deal with the inane and disparaging comments of a few 'haters'. But those 'haters' will never succeed in silencing her - not when there is a force of women standing right beside her.

Imogen reached out to me when I was going through a difficult time. She was a comfort - showing compassion, warmth and empathy. She didn’t judge me in the slightest. She simply listened and made me realise that my demons are shared ones.

What many people don't know about Imogen is that she is a very talented poet. Through her poetry, she gives a bit of herself to the world, and she has agreed to let me post one of her poems which resonated deeply with me. Perhaps it will resonate with you too… X