Model Profile #3: Heather Aboff

Raised in a small beach town in Central Florida USA, model Heather Aboff has been perfecting her art since age nine.  Standing at an impressive 178 cm tall, the striking brunette’s parents encouraged her to pursue modelling to improve her self-confidence. 

“Before then, I was convinced I was a giant!”, says Aboff.
Heather Aboff 1.png

Aboff is currently based in New York City and signed to Silent Models NY.  She has undertaken a variety of work, including editorial, commercial, catalogue, runway shows and modelling for e-commerce. Her most recent includes photo shoots and fashion shows for well-established designers Nicole Miller, Tory Burch, Ellie Tahari and Catherine Malandrino.

Aboff likens her most memorable modelling assignment on location at historical ruins in Thailand to the movie “Lost in Translation”:

“The day started out beautifully, but quickly resulted in arguing with a monk, being chased by a Thai mob, and having a police escort to narrowly escape the chaos in the end!”
Heather Aboff 2.jpg

To prepare for a shoot, Aboff says she drinks plenty of water and a “green juice drink for glowing skin.”  To her, it is important to maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle.

 Likening her role as a model to that of an actor, Aboff explains:

“In front of the camera, I portray a variety of emotions according to the meaning of the shoot.”
Heather Aboff 3.png

 In her spare time Aboff enjoys reading, writing and taking nature walks:

“This allows me to relax, while still doing something beneficial for by mind, body, and spirit. If I wasn’t a model I’d be teaching and writing based off teachings like “A Course In Miracles” by Helen Schucman – the book I’m currently reading.”

Her quintessential outfit away from work is:

“A comfy pair of BCBG leggings and a tank top that a nice shirt or jacket can be thrown over instantly if I need to run to a job or casting!”

Aboff admits to having a weakness for clothes designed by Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Heather Aboff 4.jpg

A combination of beauty and brains, Aboff earned her Associates Degree in business economics from Daytona State College at age 17.

Recently, she co-founded the World Fashion Forum at the United Nations:

“This annual event and ongoing program at the United Nations aims to identify how the fashion industry’s economic, social and cultural powers can be best positioned, focused and managed to alleviate the world’s most critical needs.”
Heather Aboff 5.png

Her advice to aspiring models:

“Modelling is a business, and you must bring something special to the table at each job and casting to stand out.
Approach the market that best fits you, and work with a support team that believes in you 100%. Good performance and professionalism is critical to a long lasting relationship with clients. The fashion industry is small, so make sure you are always on top of your game.”

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