Part 4: Paris Fashion Week Edit - Autumn/Winter 2013 - La Finale

I would not go so far as to declare the final two days as the high point of Paris Fashion Week, but the designs shown were incredibly eye-catching and, for the most part, very wearable.

Christophe Lemaire for Hermes has designed an Autumn/Winter collection of elegant uniforms consisting of ribbed knitwear, high-waisted skirts and long felt coats.  Luke Leith for the UK Telegraph describes Lemaire's collection as "an Hermès-tinted version of Sylvia Plath, minus the agony and with perfect dentistry".

Hakaan decorated its collection with seductive, contemporary dresses in the season's dominant black and white hues, accompanied by a side of red, whilst self-described French haute-couture house Vionnet, also chose to adhere to the monochrome palette.

 Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton took lingerie out of a 1920s hotel boudoir and onto the streets for all to see.  Silky, lacey and sheer negligees along with almost dressing-gown style coats characterise the fashion house's collection, with the catwalk queen herself, Ms Kate Moss, modelling the star piece on the runway.

Finally, Zadig & Voltaire present a collection infused with patterned metallics and leather, whilst Elie Saab has kept it classic with sheer but intricately decorated and embroidered fabrics cut into contemporary styles.

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013 both delighted and shocked. Certainly, YSL's collection will be talked about for some time for all the wrong reasons - that is, at least, until later this year when the designers return to Paris for a fresh start and a new season.

- Michelle x

Image sources: The Telegraph (UK) & UK


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