Puretopia: NSS Advertorial

“Our goal was to create a generation 3 natural, hair, skin and body care range that understood the needs of women. Our research showed that being healthy, avoiding chemicals, seeking natural options and skin sensitivity are the leading drivers that influence your choices when it comes to product selection.”

Puretopia is an affordable skincare range made from highly potent pure natural bio-actives. Its products have been developed in conjunction with a team of scientists to provide optimal nutrition for skin and hair.

The brand is against animal testing and the use of synthetic fragrances, parabens, skin-drying sulfates, artificial colours, phthalates, propylene glycol, DEA, TEA and silicones.

At NSS, we think Puretopia products are worth a try!


Puretopia’s Insta Moisture with SPF15 (RRP $14.99): A daily moisturiser which includes two superior peptide complexes to regulate skin activity and stimulate collagen production to combat ageing. The formula also contains vitamin C to brighten and clarify skin and even out skin tone.

Puretopia’s Refresh & Balance Hydrating Soothing Mist & Toner (RRP $14.99): With natural actives such as aloe to soothe, witch hazel to purify and vitamin C for brightening, this mist can be used as a toner in your daily skincare regimen or as a ‘refresh’ spray to keep skin cool and hydrated on warm summer days.

Puretopia’s Pert & Plump Lip Cream (RRP $14.99): A lightweight formula enriched with an active oligopeptide complex, shea butter and vitamin E to soothe irritated skin, stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity. Used daily, lips will feel smother, firmer and develop an overall plump appearance.

Puretopia’s Glowingly Smooth Exfoliating & Renewing Body Polish (RRP $14.95):  A gentle scrub containing Amazonian acai berry and guarana to remove excess oil and dead skin cells leaving skin feeling clean and invigorated. The reviews on Beauty Heaven speak volumes about this product! Check them out.

Curls, Curls, Curls

Achieve lustrous, well-defined curls with Spray Gel for Curls from the Tony & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Collection.

Giving hair a natural feel (rather than that awful sticky texture caused by so many curl defining products), Spray Gel for Curls holds curls with impressive frizz control.

To use: spray lightly over towel-dried hair before styling or, to retouch during the day, spray over dry hair and work through with fingers, sculpting curls as you go.

Personally, I apply the spray to my towel-dried hair before I turn in for the night. In the morning, I awaken with soft, glossy and wavy locks reminiscent of summer holiday hair - sans the sea-spray frizz effect!

- Michelle, Editor xx

To purchase, click here to visit Woolworths Online (RRP $17.47).

NSS Loves…. Indeed Laboratories Skincare

At NSS, we’re always on the lookout for new and affordable beauty products to try; so when a few products from Indeed Laboratories landed on our desk to road-test, I gladly accepted the challenge!


To achieve a brighter complexion and even out skin-tone, I tried Indeed’s ‘Pepta-bright’ cream (RRP $34.99). Pepta-bright is marketed as a lightweight moisturiser which helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation and stimulate cell turnover.  I’ll gladly admit that, for a 30 year-old, I have pretty good skin – no dark spots and fairly even skin tone – so I didn’t expect to see a radical improvement in my skin’s appearance. After using the cream, as suspected, I didn’t notice a marked difference, but my complexion is a touch brighter and nicely hydrated – a pleasing result!

Nanoblur’ cream (RRP $29.99) promises to make you look 10 -years younger in 40 seconds or less by erasing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, enlarged pores and sagginess. Since I am still asked to produce ID at restaurants, looking 10-years younger isn’t a present concern of mine! As a consequence, I tried this product on my mum who is in her mid-50s. [Also, I’ll confess to being a skeptic; it would be a miracle cream if it could actually achieve this result!] Her verdict: Nanoblur does not, as it claims, erase the appearance of wrinkles, but it does fade them out. The formula is quite sticky so it seems to separate and hold the skin tight to achieve an anti-wrinkle effect. She wouldn’t call it a ‘miracle cream’, but my mum thinks it’s worth a try for the price!

My biggest skincare concern is dark circles under the eyes. I have had these ever since I can remember; a genetic trait courtesy of my Russian bloodlines. ‘Eysilix’ (RRP $34.99) is an eye contour treatment formulated to reduce the appearance of puffiness, diminish the appearance of fine lines and minimise dark circles under the eyes. It contains ingredients derived from peptides and botanicals to achieve both instant and long-term results. I tried this product with very high hopes and, although the results were not drastic, I did notice my dark circles had faded. I consider that winning!

Finally, I gave Indeed’s ‘Hydraluron moisture jelly’ ($39.99 RRP) a go. Hydraluron is a moisture booster intended to plump-up skin and provide superior hydration. It is to be applied in addition to a moisturiser each morning and night. I found Hydraluron to be a solid performer; it delivers the moisture it promises and it didn’t cause my skin to break out! The product has a gel-like consistency, which is non-sticky and easily absorbed into the skin’s surface. In a nutshell, it’s perfect for providing extra hydration during the summer months when skin is more prone to drying-out.

Interested in trying any of the above products? All are available to purchase from Priceline online and in-store: https://www.priceline.com.au/brands/indeed

- Michelle, Editor xx