Curls, Curls, Curls

Achieve lustrous, well-defined curls with Spray Gel for Curls from the Tony & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Collection.

Giving hair a natural feel (rather than that awful sticky texture caused by so many curl defining products), Spray Gel for Curls holds curls with impressive frizz control.

To use: spray lightly over towel-dried hair before styling or, to retouch during the day, spray over dry hair and work through with fingers, sculpting curls as you go.

Personally, I apply the spray to my towel-dried hair before I turn in for the night. In the morning, I awaken with soft, glossy and wavy locks reminiscent of summer holiday hair - sans the sea-spray frizz effect!

- Michelle, Editor xx

To purchase, click here to visit Woolworths Online (RRP $17.47).