Lavera’s CC Cream: Cover Girl Perfect

As many of my NSS readers know, I recently holidayed in the culturally exotic destination of Vietnam. Going from the milder Sydney winter temperatures to tanning it up in the extreme heat of Southeast Asia, and with a limited luggage allowance, I was loathe to bring several shades of foundation (to use as my skin changed colour), moisturiser and face sun cream with me too! Instead, I took a sample of Lavera’s 8 in 1 Colour Correction Cream (‘CC Cream’) to try.

Lavera’s CC Cream contains certified organic ingredients and essential oils, including camu camu (a plant extract with extraordinarily high vitamin C content), to combat premature ageing of the skin by tightening contours, reducing pigmentation and brightening one’s complexion.

I once raved on NSS about Lavera’s BB Cream, but this product is a far superior successor! Packaged in an easy squeeze tube, Lavera’s CC Cream is about a shade lighter in colour than the BB Cream, suiting my natural ivory skin, but somehow miraculously matched to my holiday tinted skin as well.  Like a chameleon, the tint adapts to my skin tone, whatever its shade, concealing imperfections and leaving my skin positively glowing and cover girl perfect!

Providing all-day moisturisation (minus any oily, sticky feel), it also contains an SPF-6, meaning I could safely forgo the tedious application of pore-clogging sun cream to my face! 

Lavera’s CC Cream proved my ideal no-fuss 3 in 1 (i.e. moisturiser/foundation/sun cream) travel product. I cannot recommend it enough!

Me using Lavera's CC Cream on my travels!

Me using Lavera's CC Cream on my travels!

You can purchase Lavera's CC Cream (RRP $34.95AUD) from organic beauty e-tailer Nourished Life:

- Michelle, Editor xx