NSS Loves....Lavera’s Intense Volumizing Mascara

If there is one beauty product I struggle with using, it’s mascara. My struggle not being with its application, but rather because I suffer from stinging eyes each time I use it.

Being a contact lens wearer I also need to be particularly careful of the type of mascara I apply to my eyelashes. I once gave myself an eye infection from using mascara with lengthening lash fibres!

Recently, I discovered a mascara containing all natural ingredients claiming to make your eyes 'dazzle, without the sticking or clumping'. After making some inquiries, I was given a sample of Lavera’s Intense Volumizing Mascara to try for myself.

True to its word, Lavera’s mascara is not sticky at all and glides onto my lashes for a gentle and even application. I can now say it is the only mascara I have tried which does not make my eyes sting! This mascara beautifully enhances my lashes (which are fortunately already dark and quite long); although the result is probably a bit more subtle than may be expected from a mascara marketed as ‘intense volumising’.

However, if you are looking for mascara which is suitable for contact lens wearers, kind to the eyes (if I choose, I can wear this mascara every single day without any irritation), easy to remove with baby wipes and augments the look of your existing lashes, then Lavera’s Intense Volumizing Mascara is it!

- Michelle, Editor xx

You can purchase Lavera’s Intense Volumizing Mascara from organic e-tailer ‘Nourished Life’ for $32AUD. Click here.