Nature’s Glory: Cactus Skincare

A review by Kelly-Marie Waters, Beauty Editor

Borne out of a need for beauty products not only good for the skin, but also for your wallet, Cactus Skincare is a family owned organic skincare brand I have been trialling for the last few weeks.

If someone asks me to describe in one word how I feel about their products, I’d say 'LOVE'.

Cactus Skincare is made from all natural ingredients (think avocado oil, lotus extract and cactus extract) which penetrate through to even the deepest layers of the skin’s surface, achieving instantly visible results.

The Products

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser (Suitable for All Skin types) ($54.95AUD)

This is my favourite product from the Cactus Skincare range. It smells delicious and I can really feel it seeping into my pores, deeply cleansing my skin.

To use, I take a pea sized amount of the creamy cleanser, massage it into my face and then rinse off with water. I do this both morning and night, as I find the product to be gentle enough not to dehydrate my skin.


Light Balancing Crème (Suitable for Combination/Normal Skin) ($59.95AUD)

After I cleanse in the morning, I use the Cactus Skincare Light Balancing Crème as my day moisturiser. I find it absorbs immediately without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling on my skin.

The crème is soothing and nourishing, reducing itching and flakiness, and also smells divine!

day creme.png

Intense Hydrating Crème (Suitable for Normal/Dry Skin) ($69.95AUD)

Being the richest formulation in the range, I have been using the Cactus Skincare Hydrating Crème as my night crème.

The crème contains macadamia oil, shea butter and carrot root oil to encourage cell renewal whilst sleeping.  Upon waking, I find my skin feels plumper and much softer. 

Due to the intense hydration the crème provides my skin, I also use it throughout the day on areas of the body like my neck and décolletage which can become quite dry (FACT: we have fewer sebaceous glands in this part of our body).

night creme.png

White Clay Mask (Suitable for All Skin Types) ($59.95AUD)

This lightly scented clay mask makes my skin feel refreshed and invigorated even when applying it!

I leave it on for approximately 20 minutes before washing off to reveal skin that is instantly clean and smooth. The mask is effective for both drawing out toxins and evening out my skin tone.

Not intended for daily use, I suggest using weekly before an event to ensure your skin is in tip-top condition.

white clay mask.png

*             *             *

 On the whole, Cactus Skincare products are simple and easy to use and each product’s effects are felt instantaneously. Since using Cactus skincare I can honestly say my skin is clearer and more luminous. Why not try one or all of them for yourself?

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