NSS Loves...Bloom Liquid Eyeliner

Unlike NSS Beauty Editor, Kelly, when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner I am far from a pro! There are times when my application of what I consider an essential product in my beauty regimen makes me resemble a character from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or quite possibly the clown from Steven King’s “IT"! Usually, it’s because the tip of the eyeliner I am using is either too thick or thin or the liquid itself clumpy or watery.

So…when a friend recommended I try Bloom Liquid Eyeliner, I was more than a tad skeptical. But after using it for a few days now, I admit I am completely hooked. The thin liner brush allows for precision application, all achieved in one speedy “glide-on” go. The product is long-wearing and practically smudge-proof, meaning I have yet to suffer the “racoon” eye effect no matter how thickly I choose to apply it or the amount of time I leave it on for (even overnight – but shhh, you didn’t hear me say that)! 

The liner dries quickly and the smell isn’t overpowering; plus at $25AUD, it’s an affordable buy.

- Michelle, Editor xx

Bloom Liquid Eyeliner.jpg

Bloom Liquid Eyeliner can be purchased online from the Bloom Cosmetics website: http://www.bloomcosmetics.com/store-eyes/eyeliner/liquid-eyeliner.phps