The 5 Daily 'Essentials'

(for those who already have the essential, essentials)!

By Miriam Nichterlein, Beauty Editor



I have a make-up kit that weighs a solid 20kgs.

It’s not all make up mind you. Most of its weight consists of make-up brushes, various product dispensers, special cleansing oils, weirdly shaped cue tips and other quirky tools that can only be bought from a particular hole-in-the-wall beauty shop in New York.

As I sat down to write about ‘the 5 daily essentials’ a dilemma arose. Could I really limit the ‘essentials’ to just 5?

After careful thought about the words ‘daily’ and ‘essential’, and assuming you are already using a quality cleanser and moisturiser, brushing your hair, applying mascara and generally grooming yourself, here are my 5 ‘other’ daily essentials.

1. Liquid Illuminator: Illuminators are great if you prefer to wear minimal make-up but still want to look fresh. The common mistake made in applying illuminator is to cover the entire face! Stick to the high points of your face to avoid looking like a shiny Christmas bauble! Place on the top of the cheekbones, along the cupid’s bow of the mouth, and on the eyelids and inner corners of the eye. If you prefer a more matte look, powder illuminators are perfect – my favourite is MAC Mineralize Skin finish in ‘Soft and Gentle’ ($47 AUD). For the liquid version, Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminzer ($32 AUD) is flawless!

2. Red Lippy: The perfect shade of red lippy really is an essential. For a quick look pre-meeting or pre-date, pinning down the perfect shade of lipstick to brighten and add colour to your face with minimal effort is a lifesaver. I’m a huge fan of the organic Bite range ($37 AUD). The pigment is juicy, without the worry of any added nasty chemicals.

3. Touch-up Powder: Carrying a great touch-up powder for the T-zone will keep you looking freshly primped all day. For simple shine elimination MAC blot powder ($36 AUD) is ideal and can be applied as much as needed without becoming cakey. For a little extra coverage Becca pressed mineral powders ($40 AUD) also work a treat.

4. Cream Blush: This is one of my favourite products. It’s a natural way to add life to the face – I don’t leave the house without it. A touch of cream colour to the apples of the cheeks makes skin look lively and glossy. Becca and Bobbi Brown make my favourite cream blushes.

5. A Good Eyelash Curler: I particularly emphasise the word “GOOD”.  I had a client recently email me asking if it was normal for eyelash curlers to gradually destroy and snap off your eyelashes. My response, “NO it is not!” A good eyelash curler will take care of your lashes by maintaining its tension and grip. The fail-safe eyelash curlers are Shu Uemura ($40 AUD), and Kevyn Aucoin ($48 AUD).


Editor’s Note:

Due to a new and exciting venture Miriam is about to pursue this is, sadly, her last post as Beauty Editor for NetStyleShopper.  We wish her all the very best!


A new beauty editor will be joining us shortly!

- Michelle, Editor xx