The ‘Multi’s’

By Miriam Nichterlein, Beauty Editor

Make-up artists tend to have what can only be described as a “multi-purpose-beauty-product-obsession”.

Daily, and across the globe, as new products hit beauty counters and make-up aisles, make-up artists and beauty addicts alike can be found ‘schmooshing’ the contents of beauty products across palms, cheeks and lips, checking for colour intensity, sheen, consistency, wear-ability and blend-ability. This ‘schmooshing’ is quite an art and such rigorous testing has one very specific outcome: to discover the many different uses a product is good for!

With time and regular label reading you will come to realise most make-up products are comprised of multiple pigments suspended in various gooey consistencies; many of which can be used for a vast range of purposes.

Watch a whole new world appear, as you realise a product sold to you for one specific type of application is, in fact, a ‘Multi’. Below are my favourites:

1. Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner ($30 MECCA Cosmetica) – This pot of creamy, black goodness works extremely well for creating precision lines, but is also perfect for creating a smokey eye, or as base for layering other colours. 


2. Jao Brand Goe Oil ($40 beauty department) – Goe oil is a prize commodity to many of the pro’s. Not only does it give the skin a dewy-luster and sheen, but it can also be used to tame frizzy hair, soften cuticles, cracked heels and chapped lips, and is also an effective and gentle eye make-up remover.

Goe Oil.jpg

3. Becca Creme Blush ($32 Strawberry Net) – Cream blush and lipstick are essentially the same product merely marketed to you for different purposes. So, if all you have in your handbag is some lipstick and your face is in need of a pop of colour, then dab a little bit of ‘lippy’ on your index finger and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Problem solved!

Becca Creme Blush.jpg

4.  Becca Jewel Dust ($19 Strawberry Net) / MAC Pigment ($39 MAC Cosmetics) – Becca and MAC stock vibrant colour pigments. These shots of intense colour last a long time and are extremely versatile. In addition to using pigments as eye shadow, silver and golden tones can be used as a highlighter to lift your cheekbones, or you can add a dash to your favourite lip gloss to achieve a romantic sparkle.

MAC Pigment.jpg

5.  Mascara – Mascara is ‘a many splendid thing’! Should you find yourself out of eyeliner, or simply require a little “glamification” on the run, use a brush or a cue-tip to apply ‘mascara’ along your lash-line the same way you would use eyeliner. DiorShow ($37 Strawberry Net) is a long-wearing cult classic but - be warned- you will need Goe oil to remove it!

Dior Show.jpg