Give ‘Em Good (Red) Lip!

by Miriam Nichterlein, Beauty Editor

Each season as new make-up trends grace global runways, the perennially-chic red lip, pared with immaculate brows and luminous skin, is certain to make an appearance. The Spring/Summer 2013 shows were no exception with models wearing scarlet pouts for Burberry, Prada, Missoni and Akris.

Red lips are classic, beautiful and sexy, but rocking the perfect red lip requires careful attention to two details: symmetry and tone.


Delicately lining your lips and correcting any asymmetry will add a professional touch - the human eye loves symmetry and balance, yet most people’s lips are slightly asymmetrical. Take time with this, and always use a lip-brush.

  • Start with the cupid's bow of your lip and ensure an even ‘peak’ on either side. This helps create balance.
  • From here, work from side-to-side of the lip stopping to ensure balance and symmetry.
  • When you are done, take a small cue-tip dipped in moisturizer and remove any inconsistencies along the lip-line.
  • Remove, re-draw and adjust until you are happy with your shape!

As with all skills, shaping lips takes some patience and practice, so enjoy playing with and perfecting the process!


If you think you ‘just don’t suit a red lip’, then it is likely you have previously been wearing the wrong shade or tone for your skin colouring. There are no hard and fast rules, so follow the skin-tone guidelines below to start and then experiment to see what works best!

All lipstick recommendations are by Bite, a chic natural lipstick that is kind to your lips and your body!

What skin tone do you have?

Red Lip Montage.png

1. PORCELAIN: A cool red containing hints of plum works best for a flawless pale skin tone with cool undertones. Try: Bite luminous crème lipstick in ‘Mulberry’.

2. FAIR: A light skin tone with cool undertones is also most harmonious with a cool red, whilst a warm red can be used to create a bold look. Try: Bite luminous creme lipstick in ‘Rose’.

3. BISQUE: Skin with pink undertones looks best with a cool red, but can also work a warm red. Try: Bite luminous creme lipstick in ‘Tanin' or High pigment pencil in ‘Pomegranate’.

4. OLIVE: Warm reds with green undertones are most complimentary for an olive skin tone. Try: Bite luminous crème lipstick in ‘Tanin’.

5. CARAMEL: Cool reds are again wearable, but warm reds look gorgeous on a caramel skin tone. Try: Bite luminous creme lipstick in ‘Tanin’ or high pigment pencil ‘Pomegranate’.

6. BEIGE: Skin colour with yellow undertones is most harmonious with a warm red, but a cool red can also look fabulous. Try: Bite lipstick in ‘Poppy’ or ‘Scarlet’.

Bite Lips.png

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