Coconut Oil - The Natural Way to Stay Beautiful

If there is one product I simply CANNOT live without it would have to be coconut oil.  There is no other plant-based product that can be used for maintaining both inner health and outer beauty.

Coconut oil has been scientifically proven to support immunity, benefit digestive disorders and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.  It also works to speed up the body's metabolic rate (if you consume two tablespoons of oil per day) and acts as an appetite suppressant reducing sugar cravings.  A study conducted in 2009 examining the weight loss link between women's consumption of coconut oil found that it also reduced abdominal obesity.  It really is nature's superfood!

I use coconut oil as a cooking oil, general health supplement, conditioning treatment for my hair and as a face and body moisturiser.  Due to its high content of lauric acid, it helps to fight off the free radicals which are responsible for premature aging. 

My coconut oil product of choice is from Indah Organics ($15 per jar).  Indah's coconut oil is hand pressed using fresh coconut flesh from wild-organic and sustainable fair trade farms in Bali.  It is also free from all chemical processing, with no added preservatives and artificial flavours.

- Michelle x

Indah Coconut Oil.jpg

Now that you know about the benefits of coconut oil, I hope that you will start using it.  It has aided my health tremendously, and I am sure it will yours too!