Look Academy - Introduction to Makeup Mastery

Today, I attended an "Introduction to Makeup Mastery" course at the Look Academy in Darlinghurst, NSW. The course costs $239, runs for approx. 3 hours and is taught by an industry professional.

I was very fortunate to have the incredibly talented make-up artist, Sarah Damichi, as my teacher.  Sarah has worked on shows such as "X Factor", "Australian Idol" and the soon-to-be released film "The Great Gatsby". She also has extensive experience applying make-up for fashion and editorial shoots.

In a nutshell, the Look Academy's introductory course is designed to teach women with a keen interest in beauty how to master the basics of professional make-up application.  In particular, I learnt how to apply a foundation base that will last all day, how to bronze and contour my face to create the illusion of higher cheekbones and how to make my eyes "pop".  The tips and tricks I have taken away from today's lesson will ensure that I can create a flawless face that endures for an entire day (well at least I hope it will!). 

- Michelle x

The results!

The results!