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Borne out of a self-confessed fashion-addict/journalist's desire to express her passion for aesthetics tout le monde, NetStyleShopper publishes insightful fashion, beauty & lifestyle editorials to inspire.

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Founder & Editor - Michelle Larin

Born, raised and living in Sydney, Australia, Michelle has a degree in communications (majoring in journalism) from an Australian university.  She also has a law degree and is currently working as a construction & major projects lawyer in private practice.

In her spare time, Michelle consumes herself with the eclectic, creative and indulgent world of fashion.  She founded NetStyleShopper as a means of channelling her obsession for fashion into "something more productive".

From trawling online style blogs, boutiques and magazines to attending fashion shows and exhibits, reviewing the latest books on the subject and studying documentaries about the world's most prolific fashion designers and photographers - Michelle lives and breathes style daily. 

Possessing a wardrobe of clothes coveted by her friends (accompanied by an extensive shoe and designer handbag collection), Michelle is considered the ultimate "go to" for advice on style and for where to shop for both enduring and trend pieces.

Her mantra: 'You live but once; you might as well be amusing' - Coco Chanel.

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Fashion Photographer - Geoffrey Chuah

An experienced fashion and portrait photographer, Geoffrey first realised his love for the camera in his late teens.  It was in those years Geoffrey made the decision to devote himself to his passion for capturing the essence of life on film.

Geoffrey travels the world in search of endless photographic opportunities but, at present, calls Sydney, Australia home. His photographic style is clean, edgy and cinematic. Having started out with shooting on film and printing his own images in colour and black and white, Geoffrey now captures a diverse range of subjects using digital.  Digital allows him the freedom to experiment with his photographic works post production.

Fashion and the female form stimulate Geoffrey's work.  He is always looking to push the boundaries of the conventional to snap interesting and thought-provoking images.  Through his photography, Geoffrey believes in creating art. To him, an image shouldn't be a mere reflection of reality; it's about making the subject transcend the ordinary.

make-up artist - Miriam Nichterlein

With a passion for creativity, fashion and style, as well as personal development and spirituality, Miriam represents a new wave of twenty-something creatives seeking to generate change through their art.

After a short stint in interior design and wholesale fashion, Miriam first realised her immense satisfaction for transforming the appearance of others at make-up college. After completing her training at the prestigious Arts College in Sydney,

Miriam commenced her career working as an assistant to some of Australia’s leading make-up artists at magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Cleo, GQ and Harper's Bazaar. She now works on her own projects and retains her own clients (see Miriam's website). Most recently, Miriam's work has featured in the US edition of Nylon Magazine. She has also made-up MTV host and Maybeline New York representative, Ruby Rose.

Throughout her career, Miriam has maintained a steady and loyal client base. She loves helping women to reach their potential and understands the transformative power make-up can have in improving a woman's self-image.

Interior Design Consultant - Nikita Sheth

Obsessed with bold colour, tribal prints, creative reuse, unexpected textures and travel. Nikita is a design enthusiast who draws inspiration from her ethnic heritage and roots.

Nikita holds a Diploma in Interior design (in addition to an Arts/Commerce degree), which has heightened her appreciation for beautifully designed furniture, architecture and environments.  

Departing the corporate world to pursue her love for design, Nikita currently works at a highly regarded architectural and design publishing company, "Indesign Group". Passionate about her vocation, she is continually inspired by upcoming designers, innovative product design, as well as an array of in-progress residential and commercial projects.

Her approach to design is lighthearted; her mantra: "There are no rules, we mustn't take design too seriously.”


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